It is our core belief that every child should have the chance to learn to code no matter who they are or where or how they live! Our clubs are free of charge, so that there is no barrier of entry.

However, as a not-for-profit, we rely on financial support from the public, businesses and grant funders to ensure that we can continue to support our volunteers, create additional clubs, organize free events and reach more children.

Will you sponsor children learning to code?

Please consider supporting us with any amount that you deem appropriate by making a wire transfer with the mention “Don” to our account LU55 0019 4355 5373 4000 at BCEELULL.

To become a member of Code Club Luxembourg a.s.b.l., please transfer 10€ and make sure that you mention “Cotisation” + the first and last names of your kid.

Thank you!

Code Club World - Luxembourg - a network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children in Luxembourg