Your role as a volunteer

Volunteering for Code Club involves travelling to your local primary school or public venue once a week to run your club for an hour. As a Code Club leader you’ll be able to take our projects to the school for the children to work through. Our projects use Scratch in the first two terms in order to teach the basic concepts of programming. In term three you can teach HTML and CSS and in term four we’ll be teaching Python.

Code Club is designed to be fun and creative.
Learning to code is a happy by-product of a child’s time at Code Club. You will be a role model for the kids, show them how enthusiastic you are and how much you love programming!

Choosing a venue
You can run your Code Club pretty much anywhere you like, at any time that’s convenient for yourself and the venue. As long as it’s safe, has computers and has a supervisor from the venue who can be there each week. Primary schools are best as this infrastructure already exists but libraries, community centres and museums will all work well too.


Know what you’re signing up for

Please note that you do need a reasonable knowledge of computer programming to be a Code Club volunteer. Our first terms use Scratch, a drag&drop visual programming environment that you’ll quickly master. Then you’ll move on to more advanced languages such as Python.

There are some things you should know before you sign up.

  • Each Code Club lasts for 1 hour and happens once a week.
  • You will need to print and staple a copy of project instructions for each child or pair of children. You will need preparation time to do this. Unfortunately we can’t cover expenses.
  • Please allow for travel time too.
  • You will not be allowed to charge for your club under any circumstance. Code Club is free for all.


What to expect

Most of the children in your club won’t have done any programming before, so you will probably have to explain the concept before you get going.
The children will work at different paces, this is fine. Don’t panic, just help them at their own speed.

The school computer system will not be what you expect and you’ll need to work with them to install Scratch.


Volunteer experiences

Lots of Code Club volunteers have already blogged about their experiences running a Code Club in the UK. Have a read so you know what’s coming.

Neil Smith at Bradwell Village School

Katie Piatt at Swiss Gardens Primary School

John Ward – Code volunteer

Paul Cardno – Code Club volunteer

Winkleink – Code Club volunteer


Are you ready to make the jump?

Volunteering for Code Club will be the best thing you do this year. Guaranteed.

We’ll soon spread to many more Code Clubs around the country as well as the greater region. In the meantime, do let us know if you can help and subscribe to our newsletter!

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