About Code Club

Code Club is a network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Code Club was founded by Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik in April 2012 in the UK. Three years later, hundreds of volunteers are teaching thousands of children the basics of programming! We create projects for our volunteers to teach at after-school coding clubs. The clubs are typically held at primary schools but other types of venues include libraries and daycare centers. The projects teach children how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites. Our volunteers go to their local club for an hour a week and teach one project a week. We write a new set of projects every term. Each term the students progress and learn more whilst at the same time using their imaginations and making creative projects. Terms 1 & 2 use Scratch to teach the basics of programming. Term 3 covers the basics of web development using HTML and CSS. Term 4 teaches Python and so on.

About Code Club World

Due to popular demand from all over the world, Clare and Linda open-sourced the Code Club curriculum and created the Code Club World framework to help volunteers start clubs worldwide. Our collective mission is to give every child on planet Earth the chance to have fun while becoming code literate.

About Code Club Luxembourg

Code Club in Luxembourg is the result of 3 communities: the open-source Code Club World, the enthusiastic Impactory (a co-working space for social impact) and the open-minded web workers of Betacube. It all began with a tweet, which turned into a talk about code literacy along with a call to action to start our own local code clubs. Now, a growing team of volunteers is busy opening more and more clubs around the country. We’d like to see a code club in every single primary school in Luxembourg and even beyond, in the Greater Region. Running and growing Code Club is a big task but we can do it, together! Can you help us?

About CoderDojo Luxembourg

For kids older than 12, we created our sister organization: the CoderDojo. The first luxembourgish dojo is held every Thursday evening at the Level2 hackerspace in Bonnevoie. It’s similar to Code Club, but with a slightly different formula: instead of following a fixed curriculum, mentors help each of the teenagers work on their individual projects.

Our philosophy

Code Club is about fun, creativity and learning through exploring. It’s important that the children enjoy their time at Code Club and that it doesn’t feel like another school lesson. They should understand that they’re in charge of the computer, and can (and should) make it do what they want, not the other way around. Other benefits of Code Club, such as learning about computational thinking, or developing expertise in coding, are secondary to these two objectives. Having said that, children will absorb all these wonderful skills as they work through the projects rather than through didactic teaching.

Code Club World - Luxembourg - a network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children in Luxembourg